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Slim, tone, and lift with no cuts, suction, pokes, or scars. In safe and simple 30 minute sessions using subzero shock treatments, Cryoskin 4.0® will literally shape your body, reduce cellulite, and fade away wrinkles. Cool temperatures widen the blood vessels, increasing oxygen and blood flow, helping you look younger and feel better. It’s like the fountain the youth, served cold.


Consists of a three-phase thermal shock that can naturally destroy fat cells. If you’re looking to lose fat on your thighs, stomach, and arms or back quickly and painlessly, this is the solution for you. A typical CryoSkin slimming treatment lasts for 28 minutes.

CryoSkin slimming is quite commonly used in areas like the stomach, thighs and arms for visible slimming. This treatment focuses on one area of the body at a time. It starts with 2 minutes of heating, at 40ºC. Then, 12 minutes of cold at -8ºC are applied to the treatment area. This combination of heat and cold helps in destroying fat cells.


If you’re looking to slow down the aging process or to remove cellulite, this is the treatment for you. It also speeds up your metabolism, which ultimately boosts your collagen production. CryoSkin toning is typically a 20 minute cold therapy treatment.

CryoSkin Toning focuses on a single area at a time. Unlike Cryoskin Slimming, multiple areas can be targeted in a single session simultaneously. CryoSkin Toning leverages cold to improve microcirculation. The results boosts in the production of collagen which helps in eliminating cellulite & reducing signs of aging.


With this non-surgical facelift, you can see the results immediately after one session. CryoSkin’s 3.0 facial can stimulate primary collagen production, lift the face, and visibly reduce wrinkles.

A CryoSkin Facial treatment widens blood vessels in the face (called vasodilation), which allows increased blood flow, leading to more collagen production. This treatment decreases signs of aging or wrinkles. This treatment is known to improve the elasticity of the skin.